Who’s Behind This Site

Topratedinternetcasino.com is a website where we believe that not all online casinos are created equal, and we’re only looking for the best. We have a passion for gaming and want to share it with you.

The website started as an idea while discussing some bad experiences at several online casinos. My name is Will, my pales Jaden and Max are fans of Online Gambling too. We all love gambling in general and have pursued it for some years yet, so we couldn’t help but wonder how these places get away with websites that are always crashing, rigged games, and applications that take all of the skill out of gaming.

The funny thing was, most of us had heard the same complaints from other people as well, so how were these websites still running?

That night we created that platform and decided that we wanted to be the resource for people looking for fun with serious background. Bad and dodgy casinos give gambling a bad name, and as lovers of the sport we weren’t going to let that happen.

Instead, we decided to create an authoritative site, that help young and experienced gambler like us, to find their favorite Online Casino in the web.

Top Rated Internet Casino Was Born.

 I am Will

Will - Creator of this website and gambling guru

When you love gambling as much as I do, you need to find a platform that allows you to win and win big. For years I played games on sites that left me disappointed on a number of occasions and I wanted to change that. We still have a long way to go, but, I think we’re on the right track.

I am Max

Maxime - daddy's girl with an eye for details

My experience with the gambling world started a long time ago, I often watched my dad cheat his way into winning big with friends on Wednesday nights. So when online gambling made its big debut, I had to take part and this was only the beginning. I play a few times a week at casinoaus online casino, I’ve had a couple of winnings nothing big but hey, and I love the game. Our site aims to make sure that you end up winning big… <3

I am Jaden

Jaden - (self proclaimed) Poker King

Call me the poker king, I dominate the game and try to come out the winner. The last thing I want is to have a site crash before my bet is placed; it’s the worst thing really. We aim to give our readers informative content on the best of the best, after all poker is the ultimate game.

We want you to share our passion for a great gambling experience.